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Riverside Remodelling

Life were asked to join the team of architects and builders at the early stages of this remodelling project on the bank ofthe Thames.  The brief was to make the most of this fantastic site, updating the home and extending where possible.  The house has been stripped back to its bare bones, walls and stairs repositioned and an extra floor added.  The exterior is being completely remodelled with new windows and cladding for a more contemporary look.  Watch as this project transforms from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

Riverside house Riverside house
Changing the exterior Changing the exterior
Stripping out the hall Stripping out the hall
Remodelling living space Remodelling living space
Riverside view Riverside view
Cladding to the front Cladding to the front
Hand crafted windows Hand crafted windows
Exterior rear cladding Exterior rear cladding
Laying new floors Laying new floors
Hand crafted kitchen Hand crafted kitchen
Front Entrance updated Front Entrance updated
Master bathroom almost complete Master bathroom almost complete
Art Deco touces to the Master Bathroom Art Deco touces to the Master Bathroom
The staircase replaces ladders The staircase replaces ladders
Boot room carpentry Boot room carpentry
Dressing Room carpentry Dressing Room carpentry